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Trans DPs Yes, Please!

2022 720p 1 hrs. 45 mins. 262

TTG 3Somethings!
ade Venus and Izzy Wilde are having a good time at a wonderful resort, lounging in their bikinis outside. They know Rebel Rhyder, another bikini-clad beauty, as the newlywed they met the night before. When Jade and Izzy ask Rebel where her husband is, she discloses that they had a dispute and that her husband has already departed back home... despite the fact that this resort vacation is meant to be their honeymoon. Rebel reveals that while having sex with her husband, she inserted a vibrator in her ass, and her husband became irritated that she still required a vibrator when he was fucking her. Rebel claims she offered asking another person to join them so she could enjoy two cocks.
instead of having to use a vibrator, but this irritated her husband even more, so he left. Izzy and Jade are compassionate and offer to cheer her up by flashing their gorgeous cocks. It's evident that Jade and Izzy don't mind sharing, as Jade expresses her desire to provide Rebel with the DP of her dreams. Rebel gladly accepts, and Jade and Izzy accompany her back to their room. Rebel sucks on Izzy's cock while Jade licks Rebel's breasts. As the party continues, things get extremely hot, with Jade eating out Rebel's pussy, Rebel loving the taste of both Izzy and Jade's cocks at the same time, and, of course, a spectacular DP!
Why is Liv Revamped alone when she looks lovely in lingerie? It turns out she went to a swingers party with a buddy, who then promptly hooked up with someone, leaving Liv alone. While Liv is debating what to do, she notices two other party goers, Jenna Creed and Cherry Mavrik, enjoying a heated make out session. Liv begins to touch herself as she continues to watch Jenna and Cherry kissing and touching one other. Jenna and Cherry spot her and ask Liv to approach. Liv apologizes for bothering them, stating she didn't want to trouble them, but they tell her she's welcome to observe... or even join in. When Liv notices She knows she wants to join in on Jenna and Cherry's lovely cocks because she wants both of those cocks in her at the same time! Liv gladly gives Jenna and Cherry blowjobs and handjobs to warm them up so they can DP her. The greatest party ever!

Erica Cherry and Melanie Brooks, two roommates, are discussing their plans for the evening. They also explain that their other roommate, Rose Lynn, went on vacation recently. Rose has always wanted to be double penetrated, and she's now on her way to a place where the males are known for providing great DPs. To Erica and Melanie's amazement, Rose unexpectedly comes home, bringing her luggage with her. They inquire about Rose's whereabouts, and She informs me that her flight has been canceled. How will she ever obtain the desired double penetration? Erica and Melanie want to cheer up their roommate by telling her that she doesn't need guys since THEY can double penetrate her instead. Rose is overjoyed with their thoughtful and generous gesture, so they all dress up in seductive lingerie to make the event really memorable. They begin by kissing, and then Erica and Melanie take down Rose's bra to suck one of her breasts. Then Rose enthusiastically rubs and sucks on each of their lovely cocks in preparation for much more pleasure... including the magnificent double penetration she's been craving!

Genre: Anal, Appearance, Big Cocks, Big Tits, Clothing, Double Penetration, Erotic, Group Sex, High Heels, Lingerie, Oral sex, Plot Oriented, Rimming, Threesomes, Trans, Trans - Big Dick, Trans - Big Tits, Trans Lesbian (Trans with Female), Trans with Female, Trans with Trans

Tags: Devil's Film

Cast: Cherry Mavrik, Erica Cherry, Izzy Wilde, Jade Venus, Jenna Creed, Liv Revamped, Melanie Brooks, Rebel Rhyder, Rose Lynn


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